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«At HIF I was able to graduate with the Swiss Matura while fully concentrating on my snowboarding career.»

Nevin Galmarini, professional snowboarder and Olympic silver medalist

Success in Education and Sports

The school’s philosophy: Achieving success in education and sports by self-development and responsibility

The High Alpine Institute Ftan (HIF) is one of Switzerland’s most traditional and successful sports schools. The school is a training site of the Grison Ski Nordic and Snowboard Association and also an acclaimed regional performance center of the Swiss Ski Association for alpine skiing. With its sports academy, HIF offers an ideal academic and athletic background for highly-talented athletes in the disciplines of cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, alpine snowboarding, freestyle snowboarding, ice hockey and golf. Students interested in sports in a less competitive way can attend the sports academy being part of our holistic, diverse fitness program.


HIF allows young talents and students interested in sports to combine competitive or leisure sports with a high-quality academic program of their choice without increasing the duration of their school education. Athletes are integrated into one of the regular academic programs. Special support and mentoring programs ensure the coordination between athletics and academics. A participation in the sports academy is therefore possible at any time and in combination with any of our academic programs. 


Our academic programs include:

Independence and the development of one’s personality are at the core of our philosophy. We encourage our students to take responsibility for themselves and hope to lay the foundations for them living fulfilling lives. We will be responsive to the needs and the development of each student, regardless of his or her performance level. Motivation and pleasure are the decisive elements in achieving the school’s objectives in both athletics and academics.


HIF is located amidst the breathtaking landscape of the Lower Engadine and is proud of its high profile athletic facilities:

Our gym is equipped with trampoline and airtrack, ergometers, treadmills, a large weight room, gymnastics and therapy rooms. We further have two tennis courts, one football field, a 100 m sprint track, a skateboard mini ramp, slackline, outdoor trampolines as well as countless biking and hiking trails at the school’s doorstep. During the winter, HIF has direct access to cross-country skiing tracks, a biathlon rifle range, the skiing resort Scuol Motta Naluns including a freestyle park as well as countless winter hiking trails. Indoor iceskating and ice hockey, golf course, rope park, outdoor and indoor swimming pools as well as the thermal spa Bogn Engiadina are only a 10 minute drive away.

Additional training facilities can be found in Scuol, Samnaun, Davos, Laax as well as in various glacier skiing resorts including Stelvio, Schnalstal, Pitztal and Kaunertal. These are all reachable within a 1 to 2.5 hour drive.


Our Team

Muriel Hüberli, head of sports academy, nordic skiing coach
Odd Kåre Sivertsen, head coach and nordic skiing coach
Buolf Näff, assistant to the head of sports academy
Manuel Dietrich, ski and snowboard freestyle coach
Canaan Pollock, alpine skiing coach
René Hürlimann, strength and conditioning and snowboard alpine coach
Corinne Tschalär, strength and conditioning and alpine skiing coach
Fränzi Gissler, academic support for student-athletes
Oldrich Jindra, ice hockey coach Club da Hockey Engiadina

Health support 

Our students benefit from an integral mentoring system. We offer athletes a variety of inhouse health treatments, such as craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, massage and physical therapy in order to help them to recover after injuries or sickness and to provide assistance with both physical and psychological hurdles and issues. In cooperation with the healthcare center Scuol, the regional hospital and the thermal spa Bogn Engiadina Scuol, students and athletes can benefit from the knowledge of a high number of medical specialists.

Boarding school

HIF is known for its familiar and compassionate atmosphere. Our boarding school staff is committed to provide close support on a 24/7 basis and is attentive to any kind of concerns a student may have. Our co-workers accompany students during the school week, supervise school work and also arrange for and organise a manifold range of extra curricular activities, such as hiking, river rafting, visiting the rope park and city trips to nearby Innsbruck (Austria).  Students are housed in comfortable accomodations and can meet with their peers in various communal rooms. Further information about our boarding school.


Admission to the sports academy is possible in combination with all academic programs and takes place following the evaluation of a designated coach. In addition, we ask for a physical fitness test approved by a health professional prior to admission. Athletes further have to fill out a questionnaire regarding their health status.


The sports academy offers two packages:

The light package, including two training units per school week and the full package with almost daily training units during school weeks.

Tuition and boarding fees depend on the academic program and the accomodation type. 

Please contact us for a personalised offer that will take into account all of your child’s needs. 

Personal advice

We look forward to meeting you personally during your guided tour at HIF where further information as well as details about our school, the academic and athletic programs and the boarding school will be made available. We are pleased to answer any additional questions you may have.

We also offer visiting days for interested students at the boarding house, the school and the sports academy.

About us


Muriel Hüberli
Muriel Hüberli
Head of sports academy
+41 81 861 22 87


Buolf Näff
Buolf Näff
Sports academy assistant
+41 81 861 22 87